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Motorcycles and Trips:: PIctures of some of the best darn mechanics in the Rail Road Business. I worked with these guys for 6 years, plus a lot more that I didn't get pictures of. I have never met a finer bunch of people anywyere!CSX Railroad My 20 year Air Force Career, where I was stationed and some of the things my family and I did.USAF Career
How I got started in Ham Radio. Operating on Lefkas Greece.Ham Radio WA4LJJ Awase Okinawa
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Fairbanks, Alaska
Centralia, Pa Coal Mine Fire Thule Air Base Greenland
My Story about my Maternal Grandfather, Luther HolleyMaternal Grandfather Family Pictures
Pictures of our RV Trip out west

Much of this website was put together nearly 20 years ago. I know it is rife with HTML errors but it works (most of the time...)
It has been ignored for years and recently I decided I would play around with this HTML using an ancient (free) editor (Web Weaver) that I got back in 2002. So I apologize for the errors but HTML WAS NEVER "MY THING". This was my first (and last) attempt at web page design! It has been a labor of love and a work in progress. It is what it is.....The picture is of our Grand Daughters who are now (2018) age 17.

In June of 2010 I rode my new Silverado to Atlanta to visit my Daughter and her family. Here I am with Katherine and Jordan, my Grand Daughters. Now, 2018, they are age 17. No longer children. They had made a big sign to welcome me when I visited them in 2010. They are our pride and joy!