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Thule Greenland, 1959-1960.

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Visit Steffen Winther at the Thule Forum: Click here.In December of 1959 I was a fresh off the farm 18 year old Airman Basic. I had just finished Tech School and was anxious for new adventures. So when I received my orders for Thule, I was really excited. Everything was new to me. The extreme cold, icebergs in North Star Bay during breakup, 24 hours of darkness/daylight, and for the first time in my life, I had a real job with a lot of responsibility. I worked in the diesel power plant. It was an important job and I took it seriously. Lots of responsiblity for a youngster!

I was told there was a woman behind every tree at Thule but I never found any. (No trees either....) However, there was at least ONE in every dream I had!

My 12 month tour went by quickly, but memories of this fascinating place remain. I wish I had taken more pictures but unfortunately I took only a few and only the ONE Thule Viedo. The quality is poor, but seeing it would bring back memories to anyone who served there. If you ever sat your duffel bag down there, I hope these pictures and video will bring back some good memories for you.

Doug Thompson

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Pictures complments of Vance Whitesides:

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