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I worked at the Corbin,Ky Locomotive Shop for the final 6 years of my Rail Road

career with some of the finest people you'd ever care to meet.

Here are some pictures of SOME of them.
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Bill Lancaster:
Bob Clem:
Charlie Fields:
Charlie Brown:
Charlie Brown:
Chris Harris:
Earl Engle:
Chuck Webb:
Glen Coleman:
Dave Hoffman: (The Grouch).
Doug Hudson:
Doug Thompson:
Doug Thompson:
Jack Cornette:
Danny (D.C.) Wilson:
Richard (Radar) Derickson:
Kenny Noe:
Kenny Manning & Dicky Ward:
Jerry Bond:
Jason Henegar:
Jeff Abbott:
Dewy Lyons:
Glibert Lambert: aka Worm.
Dickie Ward:
Larry Hinkle:
"Old Grouch"
DC Wilson:
Jerry Morgan:
KK Clark:
Loyal Kitchen:
Loyal Kitchen:
Lennie Reeves:
Larry Moore:
Marion Hair:
MAGNIFICENT Marvin Meadows:
Merrell Mitchell:
Richard Moore:
Rick Crawford:
Rick Crawford & Jim Floyd:
Teddy Tolliver:
Bryan Raines:
Butch Young:
Terry "Stick" Stinson:
Tiny Bowen:
Tony Mitchell:
Paul Stevens:
Clayton Angel
Phil Knip
Larry Hinkle
Teddy Tolliver
Jeff Abbott
Loyal Kitchen
John Dopel
Gene Englert
PA Roby
Earl Engle
John Dopel
Frank Engle
Clayton Angel
Eugene Englert

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