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My August 2014 Trip to the Oregon/California Coast

*NOTICE:* I'm surprised (and happy) at the number of hits I've had on this page. But subtract about a hundred fifty from this total and that is ACTUAL count. Each time I access this site to update it, or to correct an error, the counter registers another hit.

15 August, 2014 I arrived home this morning at 5:30 having ridden 990 miles nonstop from (near) Lincoln, Nebraska. Needless to say, I was exhausted. But the closer I got to home the harder it was to stop. All in all, the trip was a geat adventure for me. My first cross country ride took me across Kansas through the country by stock yards and ranches on state routes, and across the Rocky Mountains. I rode across the Utah desert and down into the desert South West and this ride only reaffirmed just how BIG and diverse this great country is. On this trip I rode through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Indiana and Illinois.

Some days I didn't want to ride, some days I didn't want to stop. I got rained on and baked in the Wyoming sun but it was all worth it. But without my wife Suzie's support, I couldn't have endured. She was/is why I get up in the morning.

Life is short and getting shorter every day. There's just so much to see and so very little time.

11 August, 2014 I left Toni and Orlin's home for Kentucky at 8 this morning. I rode back North to Florence and East on to Eugene and Springfield. I passed through Springfield and rode through the tranquil pine forests past Sisters, Oregon. The morning was cold so stopped to don my jacket and gloves. But by the afternoon it warmed up. I continued East on Oregon State Route 20 through Bend and Brothers, and watched the familiar landscape as it changed from lush green to desert beige. I thought about the vast distances I had to travel. How few towns, houses and gas stations there were. And I still can't understand how the first Americans ever made a life for themselves in such a hostile enviroment.

10 August, 2014 I left Debi's this morning for the coast to visit some old friends. West to Florence and then South to North Bend/Coos Bay - a distance of about a hundred miles. I stopped in Lake Side just North of North Bend and visited an old friend who I was stationed with back in 1960 there on an Air Force Radar Site. Then down to North Bend to visit Toni, my friend from the same era. She and her husband Orlin treated me like royality having me spend the night with them. They even took me out for dinner and some sightseeing!

8 August, 2014 Yesterday on my way in a spring inside the rear brake drum broke. I called my Daughter, Debi, in Springfield and she found a Yamaha repair shop for me. So when I arrived, I had if repaired. She and I had a great time visiting and catching up.

NOTE: This final leg of my trip going West was on Oregon state route 20 from Ontario to Springfield. This is high desert country and gas stations are few and far between. I became painfully aware of this fact when I miscalculated my mileage and nearly (as in ALMOST) ran out of gas. I had missed the last gas station and as I rode on and on along the endless miles of asphalt I slowly began to realize that I wouldn't have enough fuel to make the next town which was Bend, Oregon. I was near panic stage when I saw an old building along the side of the road so I stopped. I walked to the seemingly deserted structure and hollered. But no one answered. I shouted again and again to no avail. Just as I was turning to leave, a man, an American Indian driving a 4 wheeler came across the road from an old house which stood nearly hidden in a growth of brush and trees.. I explained my situation to him and he reluctantly agreed to sell me a gallon of gas. He was a kind young man I know and had he refused there is no doubt I would have been stranded.

In some Native American Indian communities (mostly isolated reservations) there is a lot of (well earned) annomosity toward white people and the United States Government.. We got the gold mine, they got the shaft. I am sure this young man felt some of that but he rose above it and helped me and I will never forget that kindness.

I will be more careful from now on. This country is very unforgiving. And there are only so many guardian angles out there!

5 August, 2014 Best day yet in spite of going through 4 rain showers. I didn't want to stop and put on my rain gear so I just rode on through. Got wet, then dry and wet and dry. Not so sore after 3 days I think my body is getting used to this routine. Crossed some mountains at 8400 feet elevation and then down the other side to a vast plain. But it was still 7,000 above sea level. Temperatures change rapidly from chilly to hot.

I'm really enjoying this trip. Today I rode 586 miles and it didn''t seem near that distance. Time seems to compress when I'm riding. I ride 100 miles, and stop for gas, coffee and to take a break. Then another hundred miles which isn't too long, only two 50 mile segments.

4 August, 2014 Well my trip started off on the wrong foot with my forgetting my telephone. Seriously, how could I go on a trip like this without a phone? Well, I had to drive back home and get it. 90 miles X 2. I got over that and now my GPS tracker won't work. Intermediate problem getting power. I'll just leave it be until I destinate in Oregon and see if I can't fix it then.

Today I rode 576 miles because I couldn't find a motel. I checked a couple and one smelled like a pair of (my) sweaty socks. The other one was in a terrible shape. The one I had last night was great. Clean and everything. The one I'm in tonight is good too. Each of them costs less than the $70.00 I allocated. I'm in a small town called Seward, Nebraska. Let me tell you, there ain't NOTHIN' to see across Il., Ind., Mo and so far Nebraska. Corn as thick as alfalfa. Looks like they sow it. No room for weeds.

All and all, it's a good trip. Long hours on the bike is tiresome but I knew that. It's the wondering what I'll see tomorrow that motivates me.

29 July, 2014.

Just a few more days before I enter the world of the "Rubber Tramp". This will be my second long distant cross country ride, My first one 4 years ago left me wanting more. So early Sunday morning, August 3rd, I'm "On The Road Again", this time all the way to the "left" coast to the ocean. I plan on being on the road three weeks this time. The bike is my 650 Yamaha, the same one I rode 4 years ago. To date, I have 23,500 miles on her.

There is something surreal about an extended motorcycle trip. There is so much new stuff to be seen and experienced. This one will take me through Missouri, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and down in California. It's exciting and long hours on my bike, listening to the mantra of the engine, has a profound relaxing effect on me. Emotions range from a little lonely to ecstatic. Some days are too long while some are too short. The sense of freedom is so strong. No TV- meaning no "news" about senseless war and poverty and hungry children. About the hoards of distraught souls seeking a better life in a country that can't even handle it's own problems. Things I can't control but refuse to dwell on. For me, travel is just an escape from a lot of foolishness. A welcome respite.

My first trip in 2010 taught me a lot. I camped along the way then and that required my carrying around thirty pounds of extra gear.This time I'll stay in motels. This will make for a much easier ride. Not having camping gear means less weight to worry about plus I'll be able to ride another hour or two each day if I want. My guestimated expenses are $70.00 a day for motels, $40.00 for gasoline and $25 for food. We'll see how accurate my $135.00 W.A.G. per day is. I plan on running an easy average of 350-400 MPD.

I'm doing some pre trip stuff nearly every week. Oil changes, repair leaks and a little cleaning. My goal is to enjoy this trip and not get in any hurry. To "reboot". So much to see, so little time.

Check back here August 3rd.