My 2005 Majesty Motorscooter.

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In November of 2005 I traded my Road Star for this 2005 Yamaha Majesty 400cc Motor Scooter. The heavier curiser was too heavy for the type of riding I did most.

My Majesty Scooter has proven to be the best of both worlds. It is three hundred pounds lighter than the big cruiser and it's single cylinder, water cooled engine and automatic transmission will let you run with the big boys. Brakes, front and rear are hand operated.

This scooter is as handy as it is anything. It's perfect for running to the grocery store, across town or across country. It has a large underseat storage area and with the optional Top Box, I can carry most necessities for an extended trip. (Money well spent). I tied my duffel bag across the back seat for my rides, and had could have piled on a lot more.

In May, 2006 I rode to Dallas Texas, a 2400 mile round trip and I was never underpowered. I cruised with prevaling traffic and zipped across Arkansas averaging 70 MPH+. The wide seat is very comfortable. On my Dallas trip as well as to upstate New York, I had some 12 hour days. No poblem.

Fuel consumption is as bad as 55 to as good as 67 MPG. Much of my riding is day trips along the quiet, less traveled back roads of Ky, WVa and Va.<%=%> Riding at 35-40 MPH, the Majesty literally sips fuel and after a day of slow speed riding, MPG is around 67 MPG.

UPDATE: As of today, August 4th, I have 29,000 miles on the scooter. I just had a clutch put in it and it runs as good now as it did when it was new.


Doug Thompson