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I have ridden smaller motorcycles for many years mainly for transportation to and from work. But I always wanted a big bike. Back in 1980 I purchased (then) my largest bike to date, a 1979 Yamaha 650 Special.

It was a really fun bike for running around town and short day trips, but the engine vibrated so bad at road speeds it just was't comfortable on long hauls. The seats were terrible as it wasn't designed for long distance riding.

So after nearly 25 years being away from bikes, I bought this 1999 Yamaha Road Star. It was in near mint condition and weighed 720 pounds. It rides nice like any heavy bike and it's belt drive made it run very smooth.

I rode it to Myrtle Beach Bike Week in '05, a trip from my home (at the time) Corbin, Ky. The 1000 mile round trip was a lot of fun. I rode with two other bikers and the trip down was at night.

The 1600 cc engine is awsome ! It has lots of power and at 70 MPH it just seems to idle along. The bike has Bub pipes on it were very loud. Too loud in fact.

Motorcycle riding is great therapy.

I considered riding to Sturgis, SD to the big bike rally in '05 but decided at 1400 miles, it was a bit more than I wanted to ride. Maybe later. . . . .


doug thompson