Family pictures:

Taken May 19, 2005 in Atlanta, Ga.

Taken at Corbin, Kentucky in 2005.

Here, in Biloxi Mississippi, February 2009. Each February we go to Biloxi to attend an annual get together of many Okinawans who live in the area. We enjoy meeting old friends.

I rode my new bike to Atlanta in June, 2010 and Katherine and Jordan welcomed me with a large sign which was placed over the garage door, indicating where I was to park my motorcycle. I arrived there in a downpour and never felt more welcome!

Grandpa and his support team.

Yamaha Silverado 650 in back yard before my Atlanta trip.

One of Suzie's MANY beautiful creations. In addition to her talents at Quilting, she weaves baskets, sews and is the best cook in the whole world!

Another piece before it's made part of a quilt.

I don't know how many hours she put in creating these pieces but when she made a mistake, she took it ALL apart, and started again.

Katherine and Jordan helped me buid a small cabin back on "Mystery Mountaina". They hammered and cut trees and worked like little slaves all day. They are indeed multi-talented. They sweated REAL sweat!!!!.

Here is the "Cabin On Mystery Mountain", near completion.

Victory Quilt in the making.