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This shows the Site when viewed from the highway at the top of the hill.
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I retired from the USAF in 1979 and probably of all the duty stations I have enjoyed, the 1962nd. Comm Group at Awase, Okinawa is at the top of my list. In this section, I have posted pictures of as many of the old group as I could round up. Rudy Koch, Skip Strebler, Hy Henry, David May, Ian Stevens, Cal Runion, Joe Sipala , Dave Kerr, Jim Bellew, Ken or "Andy" Anderson and others. I know I'm forgetting some but my CRS has gotten worse over the years. Andy works at Kent State U. (Ohio) in the power plant.

These aerial photos below showing the entire island, were provided by a "long ago airman", Les Hanson. He was stationed on Okinawa way back in 1950.

Photo 1: Photo 2:

My name is Doug Thompson, aka DB. A nickname which I acquired in some way or the other and meaning nothing important enough to warrant an explanation here. (Whew!) I was stationed at the Awase Transmitter Site from 1963 until 1967 for a total of 40 months. It was probably the best tour of my 20 year Air Force career. Awase was a "gated, exclusive" community. For a lot of years I tried to locate members of the old crew, but it wasn't until the Internet came along that I started having any success. I have located a few and some have located me. Hopefully more will notice our presence here and join us.

If you were stationed at Awase and you have any stories or photographs you'd like to share, I'd be honored to display them here. Most of the photos were from sources other than myself and each one wakes a part of my memory that has lay dormant for four decades.


This page is dedicated to the the good times and friendships we shared.