Motorscooter Trip To New York.
Ride to Little Falls, NY on My 2005 Majesty.

Doug Thompson

July, 2008

I have been planning a ride for some time so I finally decided to visit an old Air Force friend, Pete in New York. He and his wife, Ann live in Little Falls, and it had been 35 years since I had seen Pete or New York. So away I went.

ODOMETER leaving Pikeville: 18,568. It was 7 AM and 62 degrees with patchy fog when I left Pikeville on the July,7th. (Mouse over image for another image. You may have to allow scripts to run. Not to worry; Anything here on my page is harmless.. )

I left my Garmin 330 GPS at home, taking instead the smaller (but older) Garmin III+. It's small screen shows enough of a map and town names to make it practical for getting "unlost". It also shows which direction I am traveling and where I am in relation to where I need to be. Not nearly as flashy as my newer unit but it works.

After much planning on Microsoft Streets and Trips, I decided on route 119 from Pikeville to Charleston, WV. See Map: At Charleston, I-79 North to Erie, Pa. then I-90 on over to Rochester, and Victor, NY. where I spent the night. I had ridden 623 miles my first day.

Next day I rode on to Little Falls.

The challenge of a long Scooter/Motorycle trip fascinates me. I read one account of a young man who rode a 50cc scooter from New England to Hollywood, Ca. Another fellow rode from interior Alaska in the dead of winter. I stand in awe of these guys. Another source of wonder for me is the Iron Butt Association, (I think more than their butts are iron!) This is a very exclusive group of long distance motor cycle riders from all walks of life. Motorcyclists looking for a challenge.

Of course, adventurers aren't limited to the highways. The oceans have their notables as well. I have a collection of true adventure books about long voyages in small sail boats. Over the years I have read them over and over. I live somewhat vicariously through these people who have the guts to follow their dreams. Those brave souls who dare turn their collective backs on the "muck" of convention.

But I digress.

ODOMETER arriving at Pete's: 19,399. Total miles of my trip so far, 831. I spent two nights at Pete's and Ann's home and too soon it was time to leave.

10 July, leaving Little Falls. It was to be a great day for riding in spite of a few dark rimmed clouds that hinted ominously of rain. My route home took me from Little Falls, to Utica, South on Route 12 to Binghampton. (around 129 miles). Picked up I-81 there and rode the 296 miles to Centralia.

I spent a couple of hours at Centralia, comparing what the place looked like today with what I had seen back in 2001. I saw less smoke from the underground mine fire this time, but locals told me it was still going strong. It was still a depressing place.

Leaving Centralia, I rode the (approximately) 177 miles South to Winchester, Va. still on I-81. There I took Route 50 West through Romney, Gormania, WV, on over to Grafton and I-79. The odometer registered 126 miles when I once again picked up I-79. From that point, It was 122 miles to Charleston, WV, then another 120 miles or so home.

This route 50 was as good a place as I saw along my entire trip to have a crash. Much of the road was an isolated country road, some of it canopied under trees. There was half a moon in the sky, but it didn't shine on me very much. It was a very dark night, in spite of the excellent headlights on the Majesty.

It would be a great daytime ride. but at night it was a nightmare.

By this time I was beginning to get really tired. Mist on my visor hampered my vision and I had to constantly wipe it clear. But I wanted to make it home. So mentally, I began breaking my trip into 100-150 mile segments. That way it didn't seem like such a great distance to me. I did make it home. Total mileage for this segment was 839. I discovered my limit I think. I can tell you it is somewhere around 838 miles. Those Iron Butt folks are way out of my league. I doubt I'll ride any more long days like that. That was a one time good deal.

A few after-thoughts and suggestions:

Ivydale, WV 3.3 Gallons - Washington, PA 2.8 Gallons - Erie, PA 2.6 Gallons - West Hen, NY 2.7 Gallons - Westmoreland, NY 2.8 Gallons -
Sherburne, NY 1.8 Gallons Turkey Hill, PA 2.9 Gallons Martinsburg, WV 2.8 Gallons Mccumber, WV 2.8 Gallons Charleston, WV 3.0
Approximately 27 gallons of gasoline total. Cost approximately $110.00

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